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Soaps For Hope

Acts teens recently held a big REVO project called Chicken Coop. Our clan (team), Delta Donkeys decided to raise money to help a school with three months worth of groceries supplies. After much thought and discussion, we agreed to make handmade soaps to raise funds.

Our first step was to collect pre orders. We had our clan member who is a teen to make the visual poster. We then advertised the soaps via Instagram stories, posts and WhatsApp messages.

After several weeks, we managed to collect 247 soap orders. We then ordered the materials needed to make the soaps and sent it over to the respective people who were in charge of making the soaps.

While we were making the soaps, we did have a prayer and fast plan which was written by one of our clan members. We also were in contact with the school who we were helping. Their students were praying for us as the project was ongoing.

At the end of the project, we managed to raise RM3580. We now managed to raise funds enough for an additional month worth of groceries! Praise God!

Our clan were very blessed to have this amazing experience and opportunity to REVO in such a big scale. However, REVO can be done in all types of ways whether big or small, it is all about blessing the people around us and sharing God’s love to them.

Thank you for reading our REVO story. God bless and REVO on!

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