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Pray, Listen, Obey, and Witness

This happened a few months back in Acts Teens Live. I had the opportunity to do REVO along side with a few of my friends as a group. One of the task we were supposed to do was to go out into Summit Mall and bless somebody with a pre-packed goodie bag.

Before heading out, my group and I decided to first pray to God to give us a sign of someone in mind to bless. After praying, we each took turns to voice out a description given to us by God, specifically someone in black short, short pants, wears glasses, and around their late twenties. It seemed as though it was very common for anyone anybody to have the exacts same description, but to our surprise as we searched the whole of Summit Mall, there was not a single person matching the descriptions we had in mind.


Then we prayed again together as group and God gave us another sign, which led us to Da Men – another shopping mall beside Summit Mall. Once we arrived to the entrance of Da Men, we looked across from our end of the mall to the other end, instantly our eyes were caught on the person matching our exact description. We quickly made our way over to him and introduced ourselves, hinting that we are part of a youth group going out to bless other people. The man was fairly interested in the concept of REVO and asked more about it.

Shortly after, the man shared that we once an active Church goer, but recently started skipping out on Church, because he had lost interest in God. After hearing his story, our group knew that at this very moment God certainly led us to this man to pray for him. So, with all the courage that we had mustered up, we asked the man if we could pray for him and he said yes, right there and then. Before we parted ways, we handed him our pre-packed goodie bag and shared a few words of encouragement that God still loves him even if we lose ourselves – just like the story of the prodigal son and his Father.





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