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God knows better and we can trust Him!

i was asking God what to do for my first Revo challenge at Acts Teens Live — bless someone you meet often but don’t interact with. at first i wanted to bless my security guards, but because i freelance and work from home, i realise my colleagues are also people i see often but don’t always interact with either 🤣

so decided to bless one of my colleagues whom i’ve never met in person, and i was asking God what to give. for some reason i thought of the colour white, so i thought of white-coloured foods since i was sending her Grab — i settled with Dao taufufa.

on the day of delivery (today), i realise Dao doesn’t even send to her place, and so i ordered ice cream instead. i wanted to get coconut sorbet for her at first, but i was thinking about that one time i got my friend a tiramisu cake she couldn’t eat cause she couldn’t take coffee, so i opted for something “safer” — and went with double chocolate oreo instead.

when the ice-cream arrived at my colleague’s place, she thought i sent her coconut sorbet, and she said coconut is ONE OF HER FAVOURITE FLAVOURS 💀 in the end she realised that it was double chocolate oreo after i asked her to check it. she was still okay with it, haha. (thank God!!)

the lesson to be learned here is… it’s scary to trust God sometimes and we sometimes wanna make decisions based on our own past experiences… but honestly God always knows better! if i had listened to God speaking to my instincts and got her the coconut sorbet that first time, i would have made the best decision 🤣 BUT NOOOOO I WAS SCARED BC OF A MISTAKE I MADE IN THE PAST 💀 nevertheless, God still used my mistake for something i guess (‘:

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