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Food For Those Who Need It

Hi all, wanted to share about an activity my Recess Revo did today. We met up to discuss what to do last week, and we decided to buy food for certain students. Long story short, we got in touch with a teacher who gave us a list of underprivileged students who have gotten help for food b4. So we gave out a total of 5 notebooks (for those who puasa) and 21 packets of food, some of the extras were given to a janitor and other students. We stuck encouraging notes on the books and food as well. Some of the students as u can see in the pics are actually Orang Asli kids. Praise God they were thankful and happy and the Malays were also very appreciative 🙂 Lets keep them in prayer that they will remember this act of love and their hearts will be open to God in the future! All glory to God 🙂

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