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Blessed to be a Blessing

Ek’s revo story 19/6:

On my way to uni, i usually take LRT, transit to MRT, then finally a bus to UTAR. When we prayed on Saturday, I thought of saying or doing something for the bus driver when I leave to uni. Pr. Andy challenged me to bring along a nasi lemak to bless the driver with so I did when I left the kopitiam.

Fast forward 1 1/2 hours from 9AM today, I went on the bus and gave the nasi to the driver. He rejected at first but I insisted and he finally took it. During the bus ride, he opened up and shared about the struggles he as a bus driver, face; too short of breaks to take a food break, complaints and reports from passengers with too high of demands, responsibility of the bus driver to ensure the safety of the passengers. He was also kind to let people with not enough balance to just ride anyways with no compensation.

I didn’t ask his belief but I saw a cross on his dashboard-type thing and as I left I said God bless and thank you for the talk, and he said thanks with a smile too. It’s easy to see them as just workers with no emotions but today, my eyes were opened to how much they have to bear! Feels like he blessed me more than I did for him haha. Praise God, he opened up because I would be too nervous to do it.

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