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An act of obedience

It was after Acts Teens Live, our weekly teens service at Acts Church, where Pastor Andy shared about the heart of Revo and the importance of praying and seeking God for direction. Came small groups, where the teens would go out and pray and just be attentive to the Holy Spirit. I was a little unwell and I asked one of my facilitators to help anchor and lead my small group on my behalf so I could rest. As I was resting, (just sat down) I felt the urge of the Holy Spirit that I also should be out there. I should be praying and seeking him for a direction on what I should be doing. So I begin to pray, and I was led to just go to subway and get a cookie. So I went, got the cookie, and thought… Now what? Do I eat it? Cause I was a bit hungry at that time.. then I heard Him. I heard a still small voice saying.. go to this specific lift. So I went.. and lo and behold.. I met this guy. Early 30s from Indonesia. We converse in Bahasa and I ended up praying for him and his family in Bahasa and blessing him with the cookie. Covid hasn’t been easy. Especially on immigrants.

I learnt that, without being obedient, and being faithful to the little, the step by step, I would never have met him. Praise God for His grace and His mercy.

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