Acts Church

Acts Church is a place for everyone and where everyone has a place. We have services, age groups and ministries in Malaysia and internationally to help everyone experience the personal love of God. Visit us at one of our services this weekend and allow us to entreat you to an unforgettable Actsperience!

Speaker(s): Pamela Choo, Tatenda

Pamela and Tatenda never graduate from design school. Both started from scratch. The church has a need and they stepped up to meet the need. Today Tatenda leads a small design team for the ever happening CampusCity while Pamela is the main designer for Acts Church.


  • [ME-I1] Visual brand guideline and basic graphic design
  • [ME-I2] Building presentation slides for your pastor

Acts Teens x HTBB Youth

Acts Teens

Acts Teens is a place for all teens to find their sense of belonging, purpose and passion in God. Our heart’s desire is to reach out and help every teen to thrive, flourish and succeed in reaching their fullest God given potential.

Here, teens can expect to experience passionate worship, exciting messages, a fun and caring community and opportunities to express their God given talents and giftings.

HTBB Youth

At HTBB Youth, we want to create a space where you can be yourself, hangout with friends and grow in faith together :) If you're aged 11-17, we'd love you to join us on Sundays! On Sundays, we meet at the 11:30AM English service and this is where we will gather together and worship. We also meet at HTBB Youth Online for a good time of discussion.

Speaker(s): Pr Andy Yeoh, Aaron Anand, Yap Ken-ji

Aaron Anand

Aaron Anand is the Head of Youth in HTBB Church. He spent the last 5 years training teenagers and campus students across Malaysia and Asia Pacific to share the good news of Jesus using Alpha. He graduated with degrees in Petroleum Engineering alongside Theology, Ministry and Mission. He is passionate in seeing young people encountering Jesus and watching Liverpool winning trophies (next season is our season)

Pr Andy Yeoh

Pr. Andy Yeoh, is an engaging and high-spirited Youth Pastor, whose passion for young people is fueled by his burning passion for Christ. A graduate in Mass Communications, University of Georgia (USA), he pursued a career as a TV & Video Producer in the local media industry. He was then divinely led to manage a creative media and communications company, Flatfish Communications, before answering the call to full-time pastoral ministry.

He is also the lead vocalist for Altered Frequency, a home-grown band that garnered a nomination for ""Best New English Artiste"" at the Anugerah Industri Muzik 2005, also known as AIM 2005 – Malaysia’s premiere music awards.

His warm yet dynamic personality coupled with his animated nature, captivates and creates an avenue where he’s able to connect, challenge and impact lives. He currently serves full-time as Associate Pastor of Acts Church, Subang Jaya, and leading Acts Teens - their thriving Teens ministry. He is also the National “Recess Revolution” Facilitator – a national movement of young people in schools who are bringing change through love, being a force for good and a movement of generosity!

Yap Ken-ji

Yap Ken-ji is part of the Core Team of Acts Teens, the Teens Ministry of Acts Church. He first joined as a teenager, and continued to serve the ministry after graduation. He is a university graduate in business but currently working as a digital marketer. He loves hanging out with teenagers and sharing his own personal stories. His favourite phrase this season is “powerful stuff"" with a signature facial pose to go with it.


  • [E-F1] The Realities of Running Youth Ministry Online: The Why, The What, The How!


Actstream is the worship ministry of Acts Church. Actstream strives to be on the cutting edge of what God is doing in church. Currently, this ministry serves a total of 8 service plants in Malaysia every week. There are 200 people serving in this team, consisting of choir members, musicians, singers and sound engineers. Aside from weekly ministry, Actstream is also passionate about songwriting and have launched 5 EPs to date.

Speaker(s): Julian Saw, Alex Martin, Justin Ooi


  • [WM-A1] How to record multi-site sets from home

Alpha Malaysia

Alpha is a series of sessions exploring the Christian faith, typically run over eleven weeks. Each talk looks at a different question around faith and is designed to create conversation. Alpha is run all around the globe, and everyone's welcome. It runs in cafés, churches, universities, homes – you name it. No two Alphas look the same, but generally they have three key things in common: food, a talk and good conversation.

Speaker(s): Sarath Kumar

Sarath is a typical Malaysian macha who lives in Klang, loves Mamak, die-hard fan of the Gunners and loves playing FIFA. He is married to Muriel who is a Teacher. Sarath works as the Senior Development Coordinator of Alpha for Youth at Alpha Malaysia. He loves talking about Jesus and seeing young people encountering the love of God.


  • [E-A1] Running an Online Ministry among the Millennials and Gen Zs
  • [E-A2] Digital Evangelisation - Alpha Online

Asian Youth Ambassadors (AYA)

Asian Youth Ambassadors (AYA) is a non-profit youth and community development organisation founded in Malaysia for the primary purpose of “inviting, inspiring, instructing and involving young people to dare to dream and be responsible in fulfilling those dreams for the good of all”.

AYA’s main priority is a commitment to raising leaders of admirable standards and excellence, believing that sound and solid leaders determine the overall health (spirit, mind and body) of a whole generation as it does a whole nation.

Started since year 1995 by Kenneth and Sandra Chin, AYA has been touching over 6,000 youths each year through concerts, conferences, community service initiatives and mass media.

Speaker(s): Sandra Chin & Ang Peng Hoe


Bible College of Malaysia (BCM)

Bible College of Malaysia is an educational institution whose primary mission is to equip and to provide holistic training for men and women called of God that they may develop their God-given gifts (Ephesians 4:11-12) and serve effectively in the propagation of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in Malaysia and other nations (Mark 16:15).


Speaker(s): Avis Ng Weng Suan

Avis Ng is a Malaysian License counsellor, BCM Counselling Dean, life- skill facilitator who is passionate in people-helping and impacting young lives. Before practicing as a mental health clinician, Avis also co-founded a non-profit organization AGAPE Vision since 2012 mentoring underprivileged and at-risk youths, where young teens are empowered to be leaders in their lives and be contributors to the community.

Avis grew up in a Christian home and has been member of Tabernacle of David ever since. As a young mother she enjoys simple things like joining toddler playgroups, family holidays and playing board games.



  • [HE-C1] Fill my cup - Care for the carer

Brandon Ho

Brandon's journey on screen began when he was just 20 years old. After winning a national competition, he became a host on the coveted couch of The 8TV Quickie for 3 years. Brandon was also part of The Amazing Race Asia Season 5 and has been hosting for Disney Channel for the past 3 years. At the same time, he ventured into YouTube appearing regularly on JinnyboyTV. He has since shot a short film and played the main character in their movie, 'By My Side'. Amidst all of this, his heart has very much and is still for Jesus. He has spoken in various Christian conferences and also serve in his home church (CDC) in Bandar Sunway as a board member.

Speaker(s): Brandon Ho


  • [ME-E1] Look Ma, I'm a Social Media Influencer!

CampusCity + Acts Teens

Acts Teens is a place for all teens to find their sense of belonging, purpose and passion in God. Our heart’s desire is to reach out and help every teen to thrive, flourish and succeed in reaching their fullest God given potential.

Here, teens can expect to experience passionate worship, exciting messages, a fun and caring community and opportunities to express their God given talents and giftings.

CampusCity is a community of college & university students that come together to engage in real conversations, express & maximize their talents, and form meaningful friendships -- all while having a ball of a time!

Powered by Acts Campus, the campus ministry of Acts Church.

Speaker(s): Ryan Justin & Richard Ha

Hello! My name is Ryan Justin and I am 18 years old. I'm from Acts Church and I'm part of the broadcast / video ministry in the church and have been serving in the team for the past 7 years. I just graduated from secondary school at the end of last year and I'm currently part time working as I figure out what I want to do in my next face of education. Before I graduated from high school, I was part of the teens ministry in Acts Church called Acts Teens and we have our weekly service called Acts Teens Live. I was heading up the broadcast ministry in Acts Teens. As Covid-19 hit us last year and we went to MCO, we were forced to fully do services from the comfort of our own home and that's where the journey began. From the little that I know, I led the transition we had to make in terms of live stream to move our services online and from there we continue to grow with our knowledge and skills. Ever since then we continue to do our best to take our live streaming game to the next level and we continue to be eager to learn from the littlest to the biggest of things.

Hi I'm Richard Ha and I'm 22 years old. I'm currently studying at UCSI University. I currently lead a broadcast team in CampusCity called CampusCityTV. Playing games and sports is my hobby and I'm a Liverpool FC fan.


  • [ME-C1] Movement Livestream Order (Introduction to Livestream)
  • [ME-C2] Taking Your Livestream To The Next Level

Charis Ow

As a content creator, singer, TV host, former Head Mouseketeer at Disney's Club Mickey Mouse, and now co-founder of her own clothing brand NIKO & CLARE, Charis Ow is no stranger to social media where she has amassed more than 220,000 followers across her Instagram and Youtube channel. She has been nominated for Best New Female Artiste for Anugerah Planet Muzik 2018, won Best Beauty Creator (Malaysia) at Influence Asia and has been featured in various magazines such FEMALE, CLEO, Seventeen and most recently featured on the cover of Citta Bella Malaysia alongside her husband, Daryll Tan.

Speaker(s): Charis Ow


Colin Kirton

Colin trained and performed in professional theatre in Canada before returning to Malaysia, where he now freelances as a performer. His desire is to see artist-Christians being salt and light in shaping contemporary culture, and to see Christians encouraged and equipped to use the arts in the life of the Church, to the glory of God. He regularly teaches on the arts and faith, consults on creative projects and conducts practical theatre skills workshops in churches across Malaysia. The Lord has also opened doors to teach in Singapore, South Africa and Sweden. With Zoom technology breaking down geographical barriers this past year, Colin has recently ministered to hundreds in 26 countries (some with translation) right across the globe – all from his home study in Subang Jaya!

Colin is the founder of mainstream theatre company Kirton Call Productions, which produces shows shaped by a Christian worldview, as well as award-winning Christian theatre company Footstool Players, which has toured Malaysian churches presenting biblical truth through the medium of theatre, and who have also taken their productions beyond church doors to mainstream theatre spaces to critical acclaim.

In the arts industry, Colin has worked on some of the top Malaysian theatre and television productions over the past two decades.

His theatre acting credits include A Man for All Seasons, The Working Dead, Broken Bridges – The Musical, P Ramlee The Musical, Crazy Little Thing Called Love and Julius Caesar. Directorial credits include Follow the Light and Crazy Little Thing Called Love.

Colin has been nominated at the annual BOH Cameronian Arts Awards for his performances in Broken Bridges – The Musical and The Working Dead, and won for Crazy Little Thing Called Love, which he also created, produced and directed. He also bagged Best Director at klpac’s Short+Sweet Theatre Festival 2013 for Almighty Might.

On screen, Colin’s work has been featured on Netflix,, HBO Asia, Amazon Prime, Astro, Tonton and Youtube, as well as terrestrial TV channels. He is best known for his lead role in the award-winning hit series Ghost 2, and supporting roles in blockbuster Mandarin drama series Age of Glory 2 and Mining Magnate. He has also appeared in videos by local Youtubers The Ming Thing, JinnyboyTV, Grim Film and The Salad Show.

He is also a voice talent for commercials and videos, voice actor for animation and video games, theatre skills trainer and professional emcee.

Colin worships in Subang Jaya Gospel Centre, where he also serves as an elder.

Speaker(s): Colin Kirton


  • [A-B1] Scriptural Foundations for the Arts (Part 1)
  • [A-B2] Scriptural Foundations for the Arts (Part 2)
  • [A-B3] Creative Arts Ministry (Part 1)
  • [A-B4] Creative Arts Ministry (Part 2)

Creative Storehouse Sdn Bhd

Creative Storehouse is a lean team that provides custom video solutions for businesses of all sizes. The founders started their journey by serving in church and experimenting in every way they can, learning from so many more experienced videographers along the way. “Never underestimate the value of serving in church.“

Speaker(s): Matthew Rajendram, Zoe Isaac


  • [ME-D1] Making a Video For Church (Video)
  • [ME-D2] Making a Video For Church (Audio)
  • [ME-D3] Making a Video For Church (Graphics)


dadeft has dipped his pen in lyricism at a very young age out of necessity. It was mainly an outlet, never a ministry. But how this coping mechanism has morphed into an opportunity for outreach. God calls forth light out of deep darkness. The Gospel must be lived out more than just merely spoken out. Join him as he shares Real Truth through the Gospel & Rap. Soli deo Gloria!

Speaker(s): dadeft


  • [WM-D1] The Stage of Selfless Sacrifice

Dr Shirley Low

Dr. Shirley Low | Clinical Psychologist

Shirley’s interest is in enabling young people to mature into individuals who lead emotionally enriched and meaningful lives, and who have lifelong skills to stay strong in the face of adversities. With over 16 years of experience in both the public and private sector, and having worked with adolescents, young adults and those significant to them, she believes that attachment and especially positive parent-child relationships are key foundations that help children become healthy, happy and emotionally resilient individuals. While she enjoys working with young people and helping them grow positively, she also wants to help parents raise confident kids, grow strong bonds with their children and develop secure relationships with them. Shirley’s range of experiences had given her an understanding of individuals from diverse background and who have had to face adversity and stress. This has impacted on her desire to change this around for individuals and families, helping them build supportive and positive relationships with each other and overcoming what they might have missed earlier in life. Her professional journey has thus, led her to focus on working with young people and their families in enriching their lives.

Speaker(s): Dr Shirley Low


Dream Village Cricket Academy (DVCA)

Dream Village Cricket Academy

Dream Village Cricket Academy or known as DVCA was founded with the aim to build sustainable communities by improving quality of life through sports development and social development.

In line with this vision, DVCA runs cricket development programmes for urban poor community children that comes low-cost around Subang Jaya, Orang Asli children and Indian community children. DVCA aims to run sustainable cricket development programmes to produce best talents for the nation’s cricketing future.

Speaker(s): Chandreshan Ravichandren - Dream Village Cricket Academy

When Chan was 19 years old, doctors told him he would never be able to run again. At that point he made a decision to rediscover his purpose as an athlete. After 18 long months, he had the opportunity to join back into the national cricket team, but he did not. He was driven by the process of improving people and changing lives. Cricket saved his life and inspired him out of poverty. At the age of 21, he began his coaching career in DVCA recognizing that his purpose is to impact the next generation and to give them a pathway through sports.

Chan now runs cricket development programs for children from marginalized communities and runs various sports initiatives to build communities. Come and network with him on how we can use sports to create a movement and change lives through sports using community and collaboration.


  • [SF-C2] Building A Movement of Millions Through Sports.

Dream Village Football Academy (DVFA)

Dream Village Football Academy

Dream Village Football Academy (DVFA), we believe every young person has a unique story and we aspire to inspire our young talents to build great stories and live their fullest potential.

DVFA is the dream destination and grassroots development for boys and girls, aged 6 – 14 years old, who have interest in learning to play football as well as those who are keen to pursue a career in football.

DVFA also reaches out and raise young people who would dare to dream of better future for themselves and the community in and around them through our after-school sports program and community engagements to unearth talents and helping them to nurture their dreams.

Speaker(s): Albert Low - Dream Village Football Academy

Albert Low is known for his passion towards football and bringing cheer through football to everyone. Started playing football as a young boy and his passion grew leading him to play for football clubs such Hongchin FC and Ambank Spick in his career. He managed to organize and lead the home team in DVFA’s major football tournament, Dream Cup and also led 15 boys from urban poor communities to a Dream Football Tour.

Albert believes that sports are for everyone and he has gone the extra mile bringing football to those can’t afford it. He brings the heart and passion for people through football. Come hear of more powerful stories and tips on how you also can grow passionate in sports and reaching the world through sports!


  • [SF-C1] Reaching the World Through Sports: Sports as an Evangelism Tool

Evangelism Explosion

Evangelism Explosion is a ministry that trains people how to share their faith in Christ and how to bring people from unbelief to belief. It utilizes a variety of components including prayer, actual on-the-job training where the experienced lead the inexperienced, and the principle of spiritual multiplication. Spiritual multiplication through discipleship is the key component, not just winning people to the Lord one-by-one (addition); but training those won to the Lord to win, and then train, others. In the Book of Acts we read that the disciples “multiplied” and “multiplied exceedingly.” This shift from addition to spiritual multiplication offers the one real hope of sharing the Gospel with a world population that is, itself, continually multiplying.

On-the-job training is another vital ingredient. By actually going out with experienced trainers in real life witnessing situations, people learn how to share their faith. Much like learning to fly an airplane would be impossible without actually getting in the cockpit, evangelism is difficult without leaving the confines of a classroom.

By learning small parts of the Gospel, each week, including Bible verses and illustrations, people incrementally grasp a Gospel tool that becomes a lifelong mission.

Speaker(s): Yuen-Woh Voon, Mei Lin Siew

Yuen-Woh Voon

Yuen Woh is Evangelism Explosion (EE) International Vice-President for the Asia Continent. Currently he is also serving as the National Director of EE in Malaysia.

He is one of the pioneer leaders of Full Gospel Tabernacle (FGT) in Malaysia and has been engaged in pioneering new churches and developing leadership for those churches.

Prior to coming out into full-time Christian ministry in 1990, he had served as financial controller in an international accounting firm. He holds qualifications in accountancy, insurance, and theology.

He is married to Swee Leng and they have 3 adult daughters.

Mei Lin Siew

Mei Lin has been serving the Lord in full time ministry as an Implementation Advisor with Evangelism Explosion Malaysia (EE) since 2016. She conducts and facilitates EE training in both English and Malay languages. She is a lawyer by training and has has a 21-year career in the corporate sector and legal profession prior to joining EE. She also did theological studies at Tung Ling Seminary (Certificate of Ministry) and with Mattersey Hall Graduate School, United Kingdom (Master of Theology in Practical Theology).

Mei Lin was a 2-year old baby Christian when she first participated in EE training and tasted its joy at her local church back in 2004. Since then, the Lord has never failed to amaze and delight each time she stepped out in faith and in obedience to the Great Commission. Her life mission is to love God and love others (God's 2 Greatest Commandments), and to teach others to love God and love others - and she sees this being achieved through her ministry work at EE.


  • [E-G1] Making Disciples Through Witnessing (Workshop # 1 of 4)
  • [E-G2] Making Disciples Through Witnessing (Workshop # 2 of 4)
  • [E-G3] Making Disciples Through Witnessing (Workshop # 3 of 4)
  • [E-G4] Making Disciples Through Witnessing (Workshop # 4 of 4)

Explain International

Explain International (EX) birthed out from the passion and the need to engage the culture with the Gospel. EX aims to facilitate a movement of the Gospel by equipping the church to accurately articulate and defend the Christian faith.

Speaker(s): Samuel Nesan

Samuel is a co-founder of Explain International based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He is currently pursuing his PhD with a concentration in Apologetics and Systematic Theology at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He also completed his Master of Theology at Southwestern Seminary and his Master of Christian Studies at Seminari Theoloji Malaysia. Samuel has debated a variety of debaters such as David Wood, Matt Dillahunty and David B. Ramsey.


  • [E-C1] Intro to Great Commission Apologetics
  • [E-C2] How did we get the Bible and is it Reliable?
  • [E-C3] Defending the Resurrection
  • [E-C4] Should Christians keep the Old Testament Laws?

Flatfish Media

Flatfish Media is a creative content studio founded in Malaysia that produces original and responsible content mainly for community development and nation building especially amongst the youths.

We believe no story is too small to bring it on the table for masses.

By focusing on telling the right stories, you will be surprised at the lives that you can touch and impact. Media has been a powerful influence for generations. Thus, we want to use media as a positive tool to steer society to have good strong values, especially within the uprising champs. We also believe that we can be entertaining without having to promote any vices as to what’s typical in media today.

Our flagship series that we are very proud of Breathe: Suicide Prevention is a documentary series that has received widespread interest from government and community leaders alike in Malaysia for its groundbreaking insight into raising awareness for suicide prevention."

Speaker(s): Steven Soon, Alvin Keng, Julie Goh

Alvin Keng (Director | Producer)

With over a decade of experience under his ever-expanding belt, Alvin has covered the whole shebang of video production – directing, producing, post production and everything in between. He’s worked with and trained many beginners in the world of video and many of his ex-students are now successful filmmakers themselves and credit their sifu for kickstarting their filmmaking careers. He’s almost equally well-known for his prowess in the kitchen, where he swaps film for fryer to whip up unforgettable culinary treats.

Steven Soon (Director | Videographer)

“Every frame a painting” – inspired by Yasujirō Ozu, this is the mantra Steven holds when it comes to visual storytelling. Beautiful shots make him happy, but beautiful shots carrying meaning excite him. He’s a strong believer that stories carry power, and he drives that using a combination of images and sound to draw people into the different realities existing within the stories. His aptitude towards filmmaking, whether in writing, shooting, directing or editing is recognised through different awards and nominations, but he believes that this is just the beginning with many more stories to be told. When he’s not meddling with his camera, he can be found in his cave making music.

Julie Goh (Video Editor | Illustrator)

Julie is awesome. Nuff said."


  • [ME-A1] Telling Stories Purposefully

Focus on the Family (FOTF)

Focus on the Family (FOTF) Malaysia, the Malaysian Associate Office of the parent company in the USA is a not-for-profit organisation established in 1997 dedicated to helping families thrive. FOTF vision is to enrich families and communities nationwide and to nurture, support and protect traditional values and institution of the family. Helping Families Thrive is our promise, and we are committed to help families nationwide navigate an everchanging world and prosper for a lifetime.

Speaker(s): Dorothy Tan, Agnes Chin

Agnes Chin (No Apologies Executive)

Agnes started her sales and business development career in Singapore delivering IT-based products and services to legal firms and advertising companies. In 1998, she returned to Malaysia to pursue her career and establish her family life. With four children between the ages of 15 and 20, she believes in raising them to be steadfast in their life principles, certain of their worth and inter-dependent between friends and family as they strive to pursue their unique life purposes. As a full- time homemaker, she home–schooled her two younger children till they were ready for high school. Agnes resonates well with the life challenges of college students and young working adults as she has been journeying with them through their struggles and milestones for the past 10 years as a volunteer at the local community centre. With Focus on the Family Malaysia, she delivers the No Apologies workshops to the local and privateinstitutions, sharing the truths on love, life and sex with the teenagers. She also brings her experiences as a parent to speak in the Parental Guidance programme on sex and sexuality to parents who are keen to start the conversations with their children.

Dorothy Tan (No Apologies Manager)

Dorothy has served as a full-time staff in the No Apologies® (Youth) department of Focus on the Family Malaysia since 2017. She is currently the Master Trainer for No Apologies® (Malaysia)—a series of programmes that equip individuals with the truth about Life, Love and Sex. With over 16 years of experience from working with teenagers in her local community service centre, Dorothy has a passion to equip and educate youth in making informed choices for their lives. As of 2020, Dorothy is a licensed counsellor under Lembaga Kaunselor Malaysia (No. KB09185). Having a Master’s degree in counselling from Help University and five years of work experience in Human Resources, Dorothy uses the broad array of experience she has acquired to serve the younger generation in Malaysia.


  • [R-A1] 3 A's of Addressing Sex with Youth Part 1
  • [R-A2] 3 A's of Addressing Sex with Youth Part 2

Four Forty Records

Four Forty Records was established in 2006 by a group of friends with a passion to produce great, positive music. The Four Forty Family, as we fondly call it, has released over 70 tracks in studio albums, EPs, singles and live sessions in a variety of genres including pop, rock, urban, R&B, gospel, worship and world music. Our Mission "To inspire and connect communities through music and the creative arts" has brought us to perform and conduct workshops throughout Malaysia as well as in Singapore and Australia.

Speaker(s): Juwita Suwito

Juwita Suwito is a singer-songwriter, performer and vocal coach with a heart for worship. Her well-loved songs include You in Me, Satu Suara, Belle of the Ball, and most recently, Doa ‘Bapa Kami’ that was released by the Malaysian Worship Collective in 2020. She is also one of the founding directors of Four Forty Records.


  • [WM-E1] Help! My Youth's Been Writing Songs!

Gateway Sports Network (GSN)

Gateway Sports Network (GSN) believes sports is one of the many paragons of communicators. GSN sees the potential sports has to empower and to impact the masses. As far as their tag line goes – Building Champions! – we want to see individuals tapping into their respective potential, to be the Champions that they are meant to be in every possible area of their lives.

Speaker(s): Penny Khoo

Penny Khoo is one of the pioneers of Gateway City Church. She has been working with young people for more than 20 years. Stepping into sports ministry in 2003, she works very closely with students in the schools through coaching floorball and running leadership workshops within the schools. She has a passion to see young people realizing and pursuing their God-given potential and dreams. Her heart is to see an emerging generation of young people who will possess the spirit of excellence and courage in their pursuit for God and His kingdom. Also one of the pioneers of floorball in Penang, she sees the potential of sports ministry as a platform for bridging and building lives of young people. Apart from floorball, she is also involved in sport climbing. Her vision is to build young people who will be champions both in sports and in life, and ultimately be the voice of God in the sports arena in the nation. Currently, she also serves as the Penang State Director for Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA).


Generasi Gemilang

YAYASAN GENERASI GEMILANG (GG) is a foundation whose vision is inspired by Love to raise an exemplary next generation and empower families. Our mission is to educate & provide basic needs for vulnerable communities with the aim to improve their livelihood. These are children and families from urban low-income, under-served institutions and schools.Formerly known as Persatuan Kebajikan Generasi Gemilang Kuala Lumpur dan Selangor, a registered society since March 2010, GG was incorporated as a foundation in December 2014. Governed by a Board of Trustees, GG is based in the Klang Valley and conducts services throughout Malaysia.

Speaker(s): Dennis Tan, Darius Lim

"Dennis Tan Dennis is an international relations graduate from Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM), who majored in International Law and Diplomacy. His journey of impacting others started in secondary school, where he was involved in training and development for the lower form students. This passion for youth led him to join GG where he hopes to inspire and empower the next generation. During his free time Dennis like to read, watch movies and capture nature through photography. Darius Lim Darius has a heart for the youth and is passionate about investing into the next generation. His experience in developing activities for youth camps makes him a valuable addition to the Youth Services team where he develops programs that help build the youth's character, self-worth & leadership. Darius is Business graduate majoring in Accounting and Finance. He is also a big time film buff and enjoys running during his free time."


GENNOW Creative Team

Speaker(s): Jeremy Ong, Chris Yap & Josh Wong

Jeremy Ong:

After several years of wading his way through the legal profession, Jeremy has responded to his calling in his pursuit as a destination wedding photographer and has not looked back since. Operating under the handle @momentsbyjeremy, he has been featured in several editorials including The Wedding Notebook and Pursuit of Portraits. He has shot in several destinations around the world including the United Kingdom, and Australia, and continues to service editorial clients, and enjoys collaborating with the best creative minds in KL.

Jeremy worships in HTBB and is a firm believer of the pivotal role of the church plays in the ever-evolving needs of society.

Chris Yap:

What started as an internship in the company behind YouTube channel 'TheMingThing' at the age of 20 grew into a lifelong passion for Chris. He founded the fashion brand, Highborn, and is currently leading the media team in SIBKL's youth ministry as a full-time staff. He continues to lead the production and media team of Generation Now KL Conference.

Josh Wong:

Deciding between a career in engineering or law, 18 year old Josh chose to take a turn and pursue a career in creativity after serving in his church’s media team for years. 10 years on, he’s delved into the radio, television and even corporate freelance work to create videos. Now he is the founder of a video production company called Stride, aiming to do creativity with a purpose.


  • [ME-B1] Empowering Creative Gifts in Youth Ministry

Grace Rehab Centre

A scourge in our society, drugs and substance abuse cause havoc to individuals, their families and the community at large. These individuals are unable to break the chain of their addiction and are often despised. Pusat Grace, a rehabilitation centre that provides shelter, food and counseling for those who are determined to fight their addiction through a comprehensive proven programme.

Since its founding in 1988, more than 1,000 addicts have passed through Pusat Grace with about one-third restored to their families. The programme includes withdrawal and total detoxification, simple responsibilities and finally, upon successful completion, securing jobs – all of which leads to their restoration with their families and community.

Speaker(s): Pr Ignatius Wong

Partner Tracking rEVOLution Conference 2021 Partner Tracking rEVOLution Conference 2021 100% 10 I43 Pr. Ignatius survived through extreme circumstances of 21 years in drug addiction since the age of 14. In 2003, he went through a program in a Christian rehabilitation, The Vineyard Keeper Centre, Ipoh where he accepted Christ the following year. Upon completing the two- year rehabilitative programme in 2005, he accepted God’s call to serve in the centre, providing biblical teaching and counselling support. Pr. Ignatius has been involved in drug rehabilitation ministry and support since then. Screen reader support enabled. Pr. Ignatius survived through extreme circumstances of 21 years in drug addiction since the age of 14. In 2003, he went through a program in a Christian rehabilitation, The Vineyard Keeper Centre, Ipoh where he accepted Christ the following year. Upon completing the two- year rehabilitative programme in 2005, he accepted God’s call to serve in the centre, providing biblical teaching and counselling support. Pr. Ignatius has been involved in drug rehabilitation ministry and support since then. Turn on screen reader support


  • [HE-A1] Drugs Awareness & Prevention


Heartcore is a movement of Christ-centred artistes who make positive influences in our generation through their art. Our mission is to discover, support and raise these artistes to make the love of Christ famous by using their gift of music and culture to make a positive, life- transforming impact especially amongst the youth.

Speaker(s): Jeff Kumar, Edmond, Alex

Jeff, Alex and Edmond are part of a local christian rock band called Army of Three. They’ve been active in the local scene for more than a decade. Their last album is entitled Heartcore, a rock themed worship anthem.

Together, they’re looking to share their experience in recording, producing music, especially from home and provide relevant tips on how to get your music out on all major platforms.


John Jeeves

John Jeeves is a songwriter, music producer, and mix engineer in the Malaysian pop music scene. His credits include songs for Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza, Faizal Tahir, Elizabeth Tan and many others. He is also often involved in audio production for Christ-centered projects such as The Malaysia Blessing.

Speaker(s): John Jeeves


  • [ME-H1] Fundamentals Of Multitrack Audio Recording
  • [ME-H2] Audio Mixing for Online Praise & Worship

Karmun Ooi

Karmun Ooi 黄嘉文 is a KL-based Malaysian RnB singer-songwriter. She loves singing and performing since she was 4. Since then, Karmun was inspired to be an outstanding singer. Her parents supported her decision, gave her the opportunity to finish a music degree, majoring in vocal. In university, she often played with different musicians and friends, which exposed her to many music styles and found her favourite music genre - soul music, RnB, jazz music. The works of Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, Daniel Caesar, Jorja Smith, Khalil Fong, Tia Ray, YELLOW, 9m88 are all inspirations for Karmun.

In 2018, Karmun released a single with a Malaysian rapper A.RON called《Mixed Signals》. Karmun often travelled to Hong Kong in the same year, and was invited to be a backup vocalist of a Hong Kong artist Joyce Cheng’s single《关于寂寞 About Loneliness》, also collaborated with many Hong Kong musicians and singers, including Justin Lo. In 2019, Karmun was signed under pH Music, together with fellow pH Music artists, including Daniel Lee, released a compilation album《路》and her first own single《别说我坏》featuring a Hong Kong rapper KENI. In January 2019, Karmun was invited to perform two songs from the compilation album 《路》- 《路》and《颂》at Spring Festival TV Program in Guangzhou and Nan Ning, China, as well as performed originals at the Nan Ning Music Festival. In 2020, she appeared once again in the Spring Festival TV Program in Nan Ning and performed《彩》. October, she has released another compilation album《光合作用 Vol.0》with fellow Jumuro Music songwriters. At the same time, Karmun released an orange theme single and MV《thinking bout you》. In 2021, latest single《saturyay》, more than 10k streams within 2 weeks of release, average 1k streams per day and today it had grown to 60k streams.

Speaker(s): Karmun Ooi


  • [WM-H1] Vocal Workshop 1 : The Fundamentals of Singing
  • [WM-H2] Vocal Workshop 2 : Discovering Your Voice & Harmony

KL House of Prayer (KLHOP)

KLHOP is a non-denominational prayer room which exists for the Body of Christ to come together into a place of worship and intercession. Our vision is to build a House of Prayer that unites the generations to proclaim the worth of Jesus through worship and prayer in our nation, and in the nations of the earth. The prayer room is a place where we corporately live out David’s life vision: to gaze on the beauty of God and to dwell in unbroken fellowship with Him (Psalm 27:4)

Speaker(s): KLHOP Team

A team of leaders who have been labouring together in to see the nation rise up in prayer for over 6 years. KLHOP have run an inter denominational - worship based prayer meeting with a vision to strengthen prayer ministries in the city. On a regular basis you will find this team building up other worship leaders, prayer leaders and even filling up schedules for 24/7 prayer events.


  • [WM-G1] "Prayer is Boring!" | How To Change The Perspective?
  • [WM-G2] “Must Pray So Long Ah?” | Building Mature Prayerful Communities


Koujee is one of the most highly interactive, impromptu, and multi- element beatboxer in Malaysia. He has also performed internationally in Australia, Germany, China, Taiwan, and Singapore. Koujee is also Malaysia’s pioneer beatbox instructor who trains children and adults in beatboxing. His most outstanding student, Jay Lau, became one of the Top 4 finalists in Germany’s SuperKids International Talent Competition 2016 at the age of 12. Another student, Sawyer Leong, won the championship in Malaysia’s Astro ChiChi ChaCha Kids Talent Competition 2014 at 7 years old.

Speaker(s): Koujee


  • [WM-B1] How to Beatbox

Life Inspired Network Society (LiNets)

LINetS or Life Inspired Network Society, is a network of individuals and institutions with a heartbeat to inspire life, specifically through suicide prevention. We believe that every life is a precious gift from God, and we want to help preserve life, as well as see every life achieve their fullest potential, through providing help and thereforepromoting hope.

Our founder Kenneth Chin unfortunately lost his sister Lynette to suicide many years ago. He did not know enough then to help her, but he hopes that with the available knowledge and experience today, together with the support of all who are willing and able, we may see many more 'Lynettes' among us breathe (and dream) again.

Our Services:

  • Media
  • Education
  • Counselling Services
  • Call Centre* (in development)
  • Research support* (in development)

For more info, please write to us at

You may also follow us at lifeinspirednetworksociety on Facebook.

Speaker(s): Dr Jill Ho, Pr Alvin Keng

Dr Jill Ho

Dr Jill Ho, a medical doctor who serves the marginalised, believes that health is holistic and is currently on board with Life Inspired Network Society (LINetS), a society that champions life through suicide prevention and mental health efforts. Aside from being LINetS’ Vice-Secretary, she also coordinates mental health and suicide prevention awareness programs and the society’s counselling services. She has completed the H.E.L.P. Suicide Intervention Training Program. She is currently a member of the International Association of Suicide Prevention and an Associate Member of the National Association of Christian Counselling.

She serves on the Board of Elders of Acts Church and in various ministries including small groups, prayer and young families.

Married to Pr Jack Ling, they have 3 lively children - Judah, Ezra and Anna. In her free time, she loves to get creative in the kitchen, tend to her cosy garden and discover the world around her.

Pr Alvin Keng

Pr Alvin Keng, a leading expert in video production, co-founded a creative content studio in 2015 named Flatfish Media, to capture and share stories that build up communities and transform lives. Starting 2019, Flatfish produced “Breathe” - a documentary style web series that has received widespread interest from government and community leaders alike in Malaysia for its ground-breaking insight into raising awareness for suicide prevention. Alvin also serves as a committee member of Life Inspired Network Society (LINetS), a society that champions life through suicide prevention and mental health efforts.

Alvin also leads and pastors a church in the urban hub of Petaling Jaya that he was sent to plant in 2012 from his home church, Acts Church, where he ministers mainly to youth and campus students from the area.

A father of 2 bubbly boys, when Alvin's not serving in ministry, you’ll often find Alvin in the kitchen perfecting "final cuts" of a more delicious kind.


  • [HE-D1] Inspire life!

LifeGen Church

A Revival Movement. We are LifeGen Church, a new church plant of SIBKL. Our heart is to see revival fire sweep our city, nation and the nations. We want to see a Jesus generation arise & empowered to win their generation for the glory of God.

Speaker(s): Pr Michael Lam & Pr Tabitha Lam

Pastor Michael and Pastor Tabitha Lam head LifeGen Church, a thriving and dynamic urban church in the heart of Kuala Lumpur with a mandate to impact the nations and generations.

They have a heart to see revival ignited amongst the next generation of the church of Malaysia and in the nations of the world. Pastor Michael and Pastor Tabitha, have a great desire to see many released into their calling and destiny. They believe God is raising a new generation of revivalists, marked by the presence of God and by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Together, they long to raise up and inspire a church who will boldly preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, who will carry a revival heart, change the world with signs and wonders following and fulfill the Great Commission in the knowledge of Him.


  • [E-D1] Power Evangelism
  • [E-D2] TAPAS Prayer Model for Healing and Deliverance

Lightbulb Productions

Lightbulb Productions is the Dance Ministry of Acts Church. We believe that everyone has a part to play in building God’s Kingdom and His House, including dancers. This is where we come together to share our passion for dance and our love for our Creator, Lord Jesus. We don’t only focus on the art of dance, but more so on the heart of dance in God’s Kingdom.

We are disciples first before dancers, hence we exist to support the vision of the House and to disciple other dancers in the process.

Speaker(s): Albert Ling, Rachel Ann Thong

Albert Ling and Rachel Ann Thong have been dancing together in Lightbulb for about 15 years now since they were university students. They’re not professionally trained, however they share the same passion in dance and a love for God and His House. They started leading the dance ministry in 2006 and still do today with an amazing core team. They got married in 2010 and now have two beautiful children, who enjoy dancing too in the comfort of their own home!


  • [A-A1] Dancing in the midst of a pandemic

Little Legends

At Little Legends, we believe that every child is precious and special in their own way of growing, learning and communicating with others. All of them are created for a great plan and purpose, which whey will begin to discover more and more each day. With proper guidance, they can achieve their fullest potential in life, starting with a firm foundation built at a tender age.

We have a team of teachers who love children dearly and are passionate about providing the best care and education for your child. The original meaning of the word “education” is to “draw out”. Real education is not only what we put into children, but more importantly, and effectively, what we draw out of them, even as they also draw out of us. That is exactly what we intent to do—to draw out the best from your child, not just academically, but also in terms of great character.

Speaker(s): Sarah Fong


Macam-Macam Music

Macam-Macam Music is an independant record label based in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. They assist in developing local artist and releases a variety of music genre in their catalog. Besides music production, distribution and publishing, Macam-Macam Music also offers songwriting & music production courses offline and online.

Speaker(s): Jonathan Tse

Jonathan Tse is a Malaysian singer/songwriter, producer and entrepreneur. After completing his IT degree in Subang Jaya, Jonathan served in the Anglican church before joining Alpha Malaysia. He released his first album in 2005, “Purpose” and sophomore album “I’m Alive” in 2010. Since then, Jonathan has experience in running a magazine, music bar, music academy and performing for various events. In 2016, Macam-Macam Music was established and launched 2 local artist with the goal of setting the benchmark in the local music industry. Jonathan has song collaborations Malaysian artist Mia Palencia, Altimet, Roshan Jamrock, Benzooloo, Marlleyney Fane, Elvin Romeo, the Malaysian Idols and many more.


  • [WM-F1] Releasing Music Today

Malaysian Care

Malaysian CARE is a non-profit Christian NGO established in Malaysia in 1979, committed to serving the poor and needy irrespective of religion and ethnicity. We focus on empowering communities, aim for long-term sustainable development and see ourselves as partners to the local church and the people we are serving.

Speaker(s): Myona Hong

  • Graduate under Bachelor of Science majoring in Psychology and Communication
  • Serving in Malaysian CARE, Community Development Department for more than 5 years.
  • Focusing in community organising especially ministries that are empowerment through the community children to their families.
  • Develop and execute play activities and play program that encourages inclusion (typical children and special need children)
  • Undergoing Play Therapy Courses under Association for Play Therapy.


  • [C-C1] Is it possible to forgive ex-offenders, and should we?
  • [C-C2] Yes! I CAN help!

Marco & Varma

Marc & Kanesh serves in the youth ministry of Acts Church and have been emcee-ing for numerous services and events for the past 7 years. They are known for their stage characters, Marco & Varmaa, and has impacted ministries by providing comedic impressions and show hosting on stage. The dynamic duo believes in having good stage charisma as a host to provide an Experiential, Participative, Image- Driven & Connected (EPIC) experience for events.

Speaker(s): Kanesh Varmaa, Marc Chow


  • [CO-A1] Do's and Dont's of Showhosting
  • [CO-A2] Hosting Online Services Effectively

OpenMinds | OpenAcademy | WILD FOOD


OpenMinds is a Marketing Technology Consultancy Firm focused on solving business problems through digital strategy, tech development and data. Having presence in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore, The firm has worked with numerous brands across Malaysia, Southeast Asia, Europe and Hong Kong, for various industries such as retail, Food and Beverage, banking and financial services, education and more.


OpenAcademy is the brainchild of OpenMindsTM; launched to provide a no-nonsense, on-the-go platform in sharing real, unbiased, non-theory driven programmes designed for students, startups, business owners, teams and more! Download our mobile app: - FREE 100k Premium Accounts, first come first served basis!


WILD FOOD is dedicated to producing high quality condiments and ready-to-eat sauces for the wild at heart. All natural, no artificial additives and always there for those that need a “pick-me-up". WILD FOOD is part of FEED FORWARD’s group of CPG brands.

Speaker(s): Daryll Tan

Ventured into establishing his own talent management and video marketing business at the age of 21. Daryll then merged his company and is the Co-Founder of OpenMinds™. Daryll is blessed to work alongside high profile brands / companies such as CIMB Group, Celcom, Xpax, Nestlé, Sunway Group and many more. As an entrepreneur, he strives to create purposeful jobs for willing workers, find solutions and build valuable products; actively nurturing high-performing teams and enhancing innovative thinking. His goal is to ensure business owners think beyond themselves; to build a lucrative business that has the resources to help the helpless while passionately doing what they love. He is passionate about building businesses, most importantly, entrepreneurs that will relentlessly persevere for a good cause.


  • [EN-B1] I’m An Entrepreneur? How Now?

Othrs. Barbers

After being in the hairdressing industry for over 17 years, founder of Othrs. Lex Low found himself at a barricade in his career, which almost caused him to let go of it entirely. Even though he had come to own his very own salon, it could not mask the sense of mundanity and aimlessness in his career.

In search of real meaning in his work, Lex decided to make a radical move. He embarked on a soul-searching adventure by going back to basics. Back to basics meant giving haircuts; just haircuts – not at a salon, and not for any paying client. Lex stripped all he had been doing down to its essence to find the joy he first had when he pursued this career. He did that by visiting orphanages and old folks’ homes to give free haircuts. This decision resulted in a profound awakening that reignited his passion for hairdressing and ultimately redefined his career from there on.

Speaker(s): Lex Low


  • [EN-A1] Making social impact through entrepreneurship

Pursuing Liberty Under Christ (PLUC)

This ministry began in 2001. It all started when two men decided to meet and pray for a group of Christians struggling with same-sex attraction (SSA). Then, the group connects with Peter Lane of Exodus Asia Pacific (EAP). In September 2002, PLUC is officially made part of EAP, under Exodus Global Alliance. In 2003, Rev. Tryphena Law was introduced to the team and joins PLUC’s board. PLUC’s vision and mission are subsequently formulated, and in the same year, PLUC was officially registered as a company. PLUC seeks to assist individuals who desire restoration of their sexual identity to God’s original intention, empowering them to take ownership in maintaining moral and relational wholeness. PLUC’s anchor is Romans 12:2; “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—His good, pleasing and perfect will.” We believe in the power of our Lord Jesus Christ to heal and restore the lives of homosexuals and those struggling with sexual identity issues.

Speaker(s): Rev. Tryphena Law

Rev. Tryphena Law is an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God (AG) Malaysia. She is also the Executive Director of PLUC Events Sdn Bhd, an organisation in Malaysia that provides pastoral care and pastoral counselling for those struggling with gender issues. As one who has struggled with and later overcome same-sex attraction, she has acquired deep insights into gender identity which have uniquely equipped her to journey with homosexual strugglers.

Over the past 18 years, Tryphena has gained vast experience in counselling both struggling individuals as well as families impacted by gender issues. Her previous training as an educator has been a valuable asset in her advocacy efforts to bring awareness and enlighten communities of all ages and backgrounds on sexual identity, brokenness and recovery to wholeness.


  • [R-B1] Gender Revolution
  • [R-B2] Church as a safe place for the LGBTQ


Revolution, or Revo, for short, is a movement birthed through the Holy Spirit to inspire young people to make a difference in the places they are in.

Speaker(s): Pr Andy Yeoh

Pr. Andy Yeoh, is an engaging and high-spirited Youth Pastor, whose passion for young people is fueled by his burning passion for Christ. A graduate in Mass Communications, University of Georgia (USA), he pursued a career as a TV & Video Producer in the local media industry. He was then divinely led to manage a creative media and communications company, Flatfish Communications, before answering the call to full-time pastoral ministry.

He is also the lead vocalist for Altered Frequency, a home-grown band that garnered a nomination for ""Best New English Artiste"" at the Anugerah Industri Muzik 2005, also known as AIM 2005 – Malaysia’s premiere music awards.

His warm yet dynamic personality coupled with his animated nature, captivates and creates an avenue where he’s able to connect, challenge and impact lives. He currently serves full-time as Associate Pastor of Acts Church, Subang Jaya, and leading Acts Teens - their thriving Teens ministry. He is also the National “Recess Revolution” Facilitator – a national movement of young people in schools who are bringing change through love, being a force for good and a movement of generosity!


  • [E-B1] REVOLUTION - PART 1: How to Start a Revolution of Love & Change Your World!
  • [E-B2] REVOLUTION - PART 2: Pray, Listen, Obey, Witness… to bring a Revolution!

Rhema Radio

The 1st Christian Online Radio in Malaysia.

There wasn’t enough intentional effort to create and curate Bible-based faith-inspired content. A lot of what is shared online is bad news. And even if there were Christian content, it was mostly from overseas - not from Malaysian voices speaking about Malaysian issues.

In early 2016, a group of us were introduced to each other and started planning towards the 1st Malaysian online Christian radio to meet this need. We spent 1 year in pre-planning before finally launching our very first show on Christmas of 2016. We have been releasing weekly shows since then.

Rhema Radio is a growing online community, welcoming people from every discipline and culture who seek a deeper understanding of faith and the world. We believe passionately in the power of God’ s word to change attitudes, lives and ultimately the world.


Speaker(s): Jason Ding

Jason is the Station Director of Rhema Media & Rhema Radio, a Kingdom-minded weekly podcast on faith, culture, music and more. Launched in Dec 2016, Rhema has released close to 300 episodes featuring sermons, stories & songs, engaging marketplace and ministry leaders. Rhema’s focus is to create & curate value-adding content that’s easily accessible to all. Rhema Radio is an initiative of the LOVE MALAYSIA MEDIA PROJECT, in which Jason is a member on the board of trustees.

Jason is also Co-founder, CMO of MHub (, listed as one of the 12 hottest fintech startups in according to Fintech News. MHub is a recipient of Agensi Inovasi Malaysia’s Platform Ventures grant, a finalist in Cyberview Living Lab Accelerator, MaGIC Global Accelerator Programs, and more recently the only Malaysian shortlisted for Google’s Startup Accelerator Program. MHub was also shortlisted as the top 3 finalist of Huawei Spark Program. MHub is Malaysia's leading property transaction platform with more than 70k bookings with a total value of USD 24 billion. 10 out of the top 15 biggest real estate developers are using the suite of apps for end to end property transactions online.

He is also the co-organizer of INFLUENCERS, a bimonthly event for key leaders of industries to engage with community in a casual dinner setting. Jason is passionate about reaching the masses for Jesus using new media as a platform. He has written & directed 5 original productions, the most successful being “The Tailor Made Man” that’s been staged 3 times and won the audience choice award at the 11th Boh Cameronian Award. Other awards include being shortlisted in the BMW Shorties (2007), KKM / RTM / FINAS Scriptwriting Award as well as nomination in the 24th Film Festival Malaysia.


  • [ME-F1] Platforms To Change The World

Rojak Culture

Rojak Culture brings people together to celebrate Malaysian-ness. Malaysian-ness is a product of the integration of numerous distinct cultures. Though it is natural to seek safety and withdraw to what is familiar, we choose to see beauty in our diversity, treasuring each other’s contributions. Therefore, we seek to celebrate our collective Malaysian identity as a way to foster greater unity.

Speaker(s): Stephen and Trixie Hanlon

Stephen, who is originally from the US came to Malaysia after the tsunami of 2004 to participate in relief work. At that time, he met Trixie, a local Malaysian working in communications. As their relationship grew God gave them a vision of his heart for cultural diversity. Stephen and Trixie founded Rojak Culture in 2016 with the vision of sparking a movement of friendship among the various cultures in Malaysia. To that end they designed and produced The Lepak Game, a fun way to explore the many sides of the Malaysian identity, promote cultural curiosity, and foster empathy. Since then, Stephen and Trixie have spoken widely on the topics or unity, inclusion and diversity for the Malaysian context. Their interviews have been featured on radio, television and in a variety of publications. Stephen and Trixie have two rojak kids and live in Petaling Jaya.


  • [C-E1] Race, Identity, and Community Building in Malaysia (Part 1)
  • [C-E2] Race, Identity, and Community Building in Malaysia (Part 2)
  • [C-E3] Race, Identity, and Community Building in Malaysia (Part 1)
  • [C-E4] Race, Identity, and Community Building in Malaysia (Part 2)

Scripture Union Semenanjung Malaysia

Scripture Union Semenanjung Malaysia is an inter-denominational Christian Organization registered under the Registry of Societies since 1961 working with children and youths 7-18 years. Our vision is to reach them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our Mission: Impacting One Million Students With God’s Word.

Working with the churches, Scripture Union aims to make God’s good news known to children, youths and their families; and encourage people of all ages to meet God daily through the Bible and prayer; so that they may come to personal faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, grow in Christian maturity, become committed church members and servants of a world in need.

We reach children and youths primarily through the School Christian Fellowships (SCF), camps and training programmes. Our vision is to establish a strong, vibrant Christian witness for Jesus Christ in the schools.

We believe God’s Word is an indispensable means to the knowledge of God and Christian maturity. To this end we encourage regular, systematic, devotional reading and engagement of the scriptures.

We seek to achieve our mission through four key Ministries: Bible Engagement Ministry, Children's Ministry, Youth Ministry, Sports Ministry

Speaker(s): Marianne Liaw

Marianne Liaw is a youth ministry worker with Scripture Union Peninsular Malaysia. She has a passion to see students come to understand and trust the gospel and God's word. Marianne and her husband, Daniel, serve together in the National Anglican Diocesan Youth Council and in various ministries at St Mary's Anglican Cathedral, their home church. They are also actively involved in service to refugee communities in Malaysia. Her hobbies are working(!) and spending time with Daniel and their furkid, Huahua.


  • [D-A1] Personal Evangelism: Reaching Youths with the Gospel
  • [D-A2] Leading & Mentoring Youths Through The Early Stages of Faith

SIBLife Church

God gave Pr Daniel a vision to birth forth a new generation of the Bornean church for the nation, with a strong emphasis on discipleship and missions. In 2013, he pioneered a Bahasa Malaysia ministry in the Klang Valley. The ministry experienced tremendous growth until it fulfilled its calling and became SIBLife church in November 2017. Since then the church has been growing rapidly and is known for her unique spirit of progressiveness and vibrancy as a Bornean church. We now run two services - in Bahasa Malaysia and English respectively at our main church at Ara Damansara. We have one satellite church at Tronoh, Perak that does bilingual service and one satellite church at Lumut, Perak in Bahasa Malaysia.

SIBLife, a family church consisting of students, young adults and families, has a strong emphasis on the involvement of its congregation in life groups, in addition to avid encouragement to serve in missions across Malaysia especially in Sabah and Sarawak. Being proud of our East Malaysian heritage, we retain strong Bornean vibes throughout!

Speaker(s): Pr Daniel Tan

Daniel Tan, Senior Pastor of SIBLife Church.

Daniel has served in the pastoral ministry for 16 years after working for 9 years in the corporate. In 2013, he pioneered a ministry to reach the East Malaysians residing in the Klang Valley. The ministry eventually has grown to be the SIBLife Church which he is now pastoring in Petaling Jaya, with satellite churches in Tronoh and Lumut, Perak. In obedience to God’s calling and a strong burden, he and his wife Ann, served Sarawak as missionaries for 3 years (2016 to 2018).

Daniel obtained his Associate Degree in Ministry from the Harvest Bible College, Australia. He is very passionate for evangelism, missions and discipleship. He has pioneered a ‘special apologetics’ ministry that has brought many into the Kingdom and has raised up many people to teach the same to others.

Ever since his corporate life, Daniel has been very involved in serving the under-served community. In 2010, he founded a social welfare organization, Yayasan Generasi Gemilang. In 2017, he won the Malaysia’s Top 10 Most Empowering Young Community Champion award, nominated and voted by tertiary students nationwide. In 2018, he was appointed by the former Deputy Prime Minister, Dato’ Seri Dr. Wan Azizah, to be a member of the Board of Trustees of Yayasan Kebajikan Negara.


  • [E-E1] Apologetics in the Malaysia Context - Session 1
  • [E-E2] Apologetics in the Malaysia Context - Session 2
  • [E-E3] Apologetics in the Malaysia Context - Session 3
  • [E-E4] Apologetics in the Malaysia Context - Session 4


Speaker(s): Stephen Chin, Jonathan Devadas, Agnes

Pr Stephen Chin

Stephen Chin is a Bruneian and an ordained minister of the Anglican Church in Brunei. He serves as an assistant pastor at St. Andrew's Church where we oversees several key ministries such as youth ministry, worship ministry and sports ministry.

He partners with Acts Church through the REVOLUTION Movement, and in 2012 launched REVO Brunei that has now evolved into a local movement called RadLove (Radical Love).

Stephen is a trained and certified Totalfit Level 1 Coach helping individual achieve their fitness and life goals - to be a better person in Body, Mind and Spirit.

Jonathan Lee Devadas

Jonathan Lee Devadas is a sports and fitness instructor who serves the youth community locally as well as in the global sports ministry movement. He is an experienced youth leadership trainer and a global youth facilitator.

Jonathan is a trained and certified Total Fit coach and global instructor. He has been part of the Global Health & Fitness Movement for the past 4 years. He is passionate about inspiring young people to live a fulfilling life.

Currently, he is partnering with organisations like Malaysian CARE and Yayasan Chow Kit to serve at-risk youths and children. He also serves in his local church Sanctuary of God, Seremban.


  • [SF-B1] Totalfit - Pursuing Optimal Health

Victory Academy

At Victory, our teachers are passionate about God and dedicated to educating leaders of the future. Whilst holding the necessary teaching qualifications, the greater emphasis is on having a heart for educating young people, and wholeheartedly believing in the vision of Victory – which is to share the love of Christ and pursue academic excellence in a dynamic community which promotes success. Victory focuses on developing Christian values as an integral part of school culture. Values such as self-discipline, faith in God, compassion, respect, tolerance, friendliness, generosity, determination and acceptance are nurtured in every student.

Speaker(s): Julia Chua, Jack Ling, Joy Teh

Julia Choo | PRINCIPAL
B. Ed Teaching English to Young Learners,
M. Ed Teaching English as a second language

Julia is a professional educator with eight years of experience teaching primary and tertiary level students. Her passion for sowing into the lives of young people continues to be reflected in her church life – she has been serving in Acts Kids (the children ministry of Acts Church) for nine years, and currently leads the Curriculum team. At home, she’s a dedicated mum to Zach and husband Tek Yan.

Having gone through the local education system herself, she came to realize that something key was missing. “I grew up in a school where success overrides values. But now I realize that a passion for people is more important than success,” she says.

That realization birthed a desire to be part of a school that would truly make a difference. Victory Academy is that school – a school that builds bright minds whilst nurturing Godly values; where teachers share their lives and knowledge, and where every single child is loved as God loves.

B. Bus Accounting & Finance,
M. Bus International Business, CPA Australia

Joy is a dynamic and experienced educator in tertiary education, having spent five years lecturing in Accounting, Banking and Finance. Prior to that, Joy worked in the audit and commercial sector.

Joy has been faithfully serving as a key leader in Acts Church since 2000. She and husband Kean Sing have two beautiful daughters – Odelia and Theodora.

When Joy first heard about Victory Academy, she was immediately keen to be a part of it. She strongly believes that the experience gained throughout her career has been preparing her for her God-given role at Victory. “Through Victory, I have a chance to provide quality education with a purpose, and with a mission, to see lives changed and won into God’s kingdom,” she says.

Bachelor of Multimedia (Hons) Media Innovation

A media professional and educator with a passion for young people, Jack has been involved in youth development for the past twelve years. His experience includes ten years in youth development organization Asian Youth Ambassadors and two years managing communications, and then later teaching, at two premier learning institutions.

Jack has been a key leader in Acts Church since 2004, and serves faithfully as one of the pastors of the church alongside his wife Dr Jill, two sons Judah, Ezra and daughter, Anna.

Having always enjoyed being around young people and providing guidance for their life decisions, Jack decided to leave his successful media career for teaching – and he’s never looked back since. He believes that Victory Academy has what it takes to bring an impact of change to the community, and also become a model school. “Academics is import


  • [ED-A1] So, you want to be an educator? Our journey of starting Victory Academy

Wiki Impact

Wiki Impact is an open research platform for the changemaker in all of us. We seek to be a collaborative platform to make evidence-based research readily available to changemakers to drive greater social impact in Malaysia. We believe that significant and sustainable change can happen when paired with comprehensive, clear, and compelling data.

Speaker(s): Terence Ooi, Deborah Chan

Terence and Deborah are passionate about developing lives and building communities. Since relocating from Klang valley in 2014, they spent two years living and working amongst the rural poor in Cambodia and are now based in Sabah for the last five years.

They are currently the co-founders of Wiki Impact - a research and collaborative platform for changemakers and Built To Last, a training and development organisation of rural youths in Sabah. Both Terence and Deb believe in the power of one person making a difference and that each of us have a significant role in building the kingdom of God. They have two children - Seth, 8 and Enya, 5 and the family enjoys traveling and going on new adventures.


  • [C-D1] How Do We See The Poor?
  • [C-D2] Design Programs That Transform Communities

World Vision Malaysia

World Vision is an international Christian humanitarian organisation dedicated to working with children and families to overcome extreme poverty and injustice. We work to promote human transformation, seek justice for the oppressed and demonstrate the love of God for all peoples. World Vision serves all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender.

Today, World Vision is helping more than 100 million people through its various development, humanitarian and emergency relief programmes. With more than 45,000 staff in 100 countries, it is one of the largest relief organisations in the world.

Speaker(s): Tian Ninian, Felicia Tan, Nally Woo


  • [C-A1] Life Can Change in an Instant

YB Hannah Yeoh

Hannah Yeoh is the former Deputy Minister of Women, Family and Community Development. She is also the current Member of Parliament for P117 Segambut, a parliamentary constituency in the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur which she contested for in the historic General Elections of 2018 as a Pakatan Harapan candidate. She was the Speaker of the Selangor State Legislative Assembly from 2013-2018, making her the first woman Speaker and the youngest of any legislative body in Malaysia.

Prior to her election into Parliament, she served two terms in the Selangor State Legislative Assembly as the State Assemblyman for the constituency of N31 Subang Jaya (2008-2018). She holds a Bachelor of Laws and was a practising lawyer in Australia and Malaysia before venturing into politics. Hannah is married to Ramachandran Muniandy and they are parents to two beautiful girls.

Speaker(s): YB Hannah Yeoh


Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Ipoh

YWAM Ipoh mobilizes and disciples young people to be passionate for God, and for missions, empowering them to start new things. We are a community of like minded people who are passionate for God, to know Him more and to make Him known. We like creativity and doing things in new ways. To do whatever it takes! We are focused on seeing you discover your purpose, to be released in your gifting and calling, bringing transformation to lives and communities around us and in the nations. We want to have a dynamic discipling environment, so we’re committed to living holy lives, loving one another and to live above reproach. An atmosphere where we can all grow.

Speaker(s): Steve

Steve has been involved with youth ministry for 30 years and has a passion to see young people trained and released into the areas God is calling them. He is actively involved in discipling and leadership development.


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Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Penang

Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Penang empowers young Malaysians to know God and make God known. We help disciple, equip and send you to think and act biblically in every area of life.

YWAM is a global movement of Christians from many cultures, age groups and Christian traditions, dedicated to serving Jesus throughout the entire world.

We reach out in 180+ countries through three main areas: Evangelism, Training and Mercy Ministry. Our ministries cover every sphere of society, including Bible training programs, community service, medical care, performing arts, business coaching, sports outreach, anti-trafficking work and more.

Speaker(s): Chad Corman

Originally from the mountains of Colorado, USA, Chad joined Youth With a Mission (YWAM) Malaysia in 1997. Since then he has remained passionate about coming alongside and empowering young Malaysians to know God and make God known.

For the past 17 years he has been married to a powerful, world-changing Canadian woman and they have four amazing kids. Together they serve as leaders in YWAM in Penang.

Chad loves to call out the potential in those around him. Through teaching, training, coaching and discipling he helps young people explore and express the reality of heaven here on earth. His interactive and experiential approach to learning combined with cross-cultural awareness help to make his sessions lively and memorable.

In his spare time, Chad can be found trail running through the jungle.


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