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Why do I feel like I’m not making any difference?

It depends on what you mean by “difference”. If you’re looking for conversion as the only thing that God is interested in, then maybe you’re right. While we hope and wish that people say the sinner’s prayer in the shortest time possible, that isn’t the only goal or ultimate result of making a difference. The Revo conviction is not just about getting people saved, but about obedience. 1 Samuel 15:22 says that “… to obey is better than sacrifice.” So if you see obedience as that which pleases God the most, then that’s all you need to be concerned with as you trust the Holy Spirit to bring about the conversion in His own way and time. Conversion is important, but ultimately, trust the Holy Spirit.

Remember also that any degree of change is still change. Sometimes we look at the big changes, but the small changes matter too. Take one step at a time, repeat it, be faithful, and it will multiply.  Mother Teresa’s famous quote is, “I wasn’t called to be successful. I was called to be faithful.” And if you are faithful, you will be successful. We just need to be faithful to obey what God has asked us to do, and leave the rest to God.

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